Duplimate dupliceermachine

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The Duplimate is the professional heavy duty users’ favorite. It is used at all European and World Championships. Barcodes on both cards and boards makes it possible for the Duplimate to cross-check the output. No mistakes! Swedish stainless steel in combination with the best components availableensure long life and reliability.

* Generous 5 year warranty and a unique 12 months  ‘no excuse’ warranty .i.e. you can claim your money back in the unlikely event that you should not be content.

* Sturdy carrying case which makes it easy to transport.

* Comprehensive, yet easy to use, software package. Try it for free here

* Automatic board recognition avoids duplication errors.

* Instant built-in help.

* Low cost of ownership

Technical Specifications

Dimensions: 38x20x13.5 cm

Weight: 6.3 kg

Power: 24V; 2.5 A. (Adapter included.)

Mechanical: 10 cards/second.

PC: Dualcore min 1.6 GHz with USB

2.0. Windows 7 or later.

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