Opener's Best Rebids

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By Marty Bergen

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The key is good judgment and accurate hand evaluation. Regardless of your level, once you understand the best way to size up your hand, you will make better rebids. Also includes helpful material to improve your understanding of reverses

The full-color booklets are attractive and are full of helpful tips and crucial concepts that will prove invaluable for any player. Each topic is color-coded with helpful tabs so you have instant access to every topic.

Do keep your partners in mind when ordering. Your partnership will definitely benefit the most if both partners learn and discuss the material together.

This 24-page booklet is printed on glossy paper, with specially made clear heavy-gauge vinyl jacket covers, to resist wear and tear and provide you with years of use. The 4 by 8 inch dimensions are the same as one side of a convention card. The made-to-order jacket has both a large pocket and a smaller outside pocket, which allows flexibility for storing and reading, there is also plenty of room to hold your convention card.

While youre at home, you can glance through them or read intently. On your lunch break, at the doctor's office, or anywhere you go where you might have time on your hands. Also, as several players suggested, "Great to refer to while playing on-line.

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